Christmas 2005
These are pictures taken of the Club's annual Christmas Party. This year the Christmas Party was held at the Greentree Assisted Living Center in the Greentree Party room. This year as an event for our local charities we held a auction of Christmas presents donated by club members. We were able to raise over 300 dollars for our local charities. Also at the party, Deanna Baker was presented the President's Award for her service to the Club. A great time was had by all at the Christmas Party, congratulations to Deanna and a special thanks to Club Member Don Dennis for playing the roll of auctioneer!
Some words on the Presidents Award from the presentation:

The recipient of this award goes to certain individuals for their "Outstanding Contribution and Commitment to our club".

This year I picked an individual for their 5-year commitment and Contributions to our club.

This individual and her spouse, plus her co-pilot is always' willing to get involved.

When I started our clubs committee program back in 2000, this individual volunteered immediately, and continued to volunteer each year since then.

When I first met Deanna and Steve, I never though they would be such a big corvette enthusiast. Boy was I wrong, not only did they get involved with the club; they changed corvettes annually, and participated in out of state activities. They started with a Black 99, then Red 2000, then a Yellow 2001, then a Blue 2002 Z06 and finally a Blue 2003 Z06. Plus each time, her spouse turned them into a high performance corvette. I think we all remember when this individual left the car show at Wiese two years ago and blew the carbon out of it.

As I stated above Deanna has been involved with just about every committee and club activity.

Three years ago Deanna took over our Sales Administrator Officer position. Deanna completely re-organized and established an up to date ordering process plus established and inventory level of items for us to purchase from. For those of you that were around three years ago when we tried to obtain new club jackets, I think you will all agree with me that Deanna went above and beyond the call of duty to work through the vendor situation we had.

Please join me, in congratulating Deanna Baker as the 2005 President Award recipient.
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