First Impressions

Well here is the first look at this diamond in the rough and what it could look like with the front clip on. Pretty impressive? My wife did not think so either. But hey, all the wheels rolled. You got to start some where!
Well what color is the interior? My first thoughts were that is was a dark navy Blue. Wrong again. The numbers showed it was black. Notice something missing? No itís not Waldo! The door panels had been removed and were stored in the basement. They looked great. Well, this is the second victory.
Is that where the radiator is suppose to be? Well, at least I could get a better view even though it was not always pretty. By the way, did you notice the high quality 60 Series Wide Oval Tire and the SS Rims? Iíll bet they were styling back in the late 60ís. NOT!!
It sure looks like a 427 big block to me but what happened! I was told that the original engine was removed and put into another car for drag racing until a rod found its way out the side of the block. This story is also has a second tail that indicated the engine is still out there in the Indiana somewhere. Believe what you may. All I know is ďITS NOT HERE!Ē The only concession is the care did come with another 427 block.
This picture was supposed to help me in reassembling everything. What the hell was I thinking!

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