Progressing Nicely

Youp, you guessed it! It is the bottom end of a 427 with 4 bolt mains. It is amazing how nice this thing is starting to look, but will it run?????


Here is Jeff. I pre-assembled the pistons while watching TV one night. Jeff checked each one; shot them with GM assembly oil and we installed them in the block. Remember, clean the block cylinders until nothing comes off onto the rag. This took a lot longer than I though but it will pay off!
Finally, after all this work, it is starting to resemble a real car. Notice the detail!
Easy, easy, easy, STOP!!!!!! Little more to the left…… GOT IT!!!! I hope the engine mounts fit correctly. Notice Jeff is controlling the hoist and I got the dumb end!
Yes, the frame is now complete! All that I have to do is connect the driveshaft, lower the body, drop in a few bolts, connect the brakes and we will be on our way. DREAM ON!! Jeff said that this is where the 80-20 rule comes into play. This means that the final 20% will take you 80% of the time to complete. I sure hope not!!! Watch for more of this “Once Upon A Dream” as the story unfolds.

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