The Next Set

Well, here we are again, another set of photos. The good new is the car is now in the garage at Harold’s having the front clip (dog house) put on and the body work being completed. Watch again in the next few weeks and you will see a major transition from trash to treasure.

Well what do you think? Here it is all wrapped up in sandwich wrap prepared for the body to be dropped on. I’m still excited about my find and can’t wait until I can start then drive this little treasure.

For some reason, this thing is again starting to look less than a corvette. It  took only a few days to remove all the old paint. All it took was 2 gallon of paint stripper for fiberglass, 3 body putty applicators, 2 bags of gloves, a lot of news paper, and a little patience. Now I can really see the condition of the fiberglass. As you can see, the back quarter panel was not fully stripped because it needs to be replaced along with the rear light panel and rear valance.
Do these guys look familiar? You guessed it. It’s Jeff in the background and me in front. It sure seemed to go on easier than it came off. Again, this was the easy part. Jeff and I worked to re-shim the body to get the door lines as straight as possible. We’ll leave the final tweaking to Harold when he does his magic with the body and paint work.
YES, a real rolling chassis! That is if you push hard enough. Now all I have to do is fix the wiring, master cylinder, starter, radiator, ….. Well you get the idea! These guys really look happy, don’t they? If they only knew!
Yes the damn thing really does run!! Well it was not quite that easy. First the distributor has to be in phase, timing set, points set, install the starter, put water in the radiator, premium gas in the tank ($1.89/gallon), set the valve lash, check the valve lash, install the battery, etc. Now for the moment of truth. Will it run? Crank, crank, crank, ……….. varoom, click, varoom,, click, varoom….!! Oh Oh!! What is that funny noise? Stay tuned for the next set of photos. As Paul Harvey would say “FOR THE REST OF THE STORY.”    

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