The Work Begins

Ever wonder what to do with your old above ground pool frame? Jeff decided to make a body lift frame. It is amazing what that guy can do with a few bolts and some scrap metal. By the way, he is selling these plans for 3 easy payments of only $19.95 plus shipping and handling on E-Bay. You can also see him after our next months meeting for more technical details. Oh, I almost forgot to tell you. That is one of my nephews Andrew helping me. His twin brother Tony was also helping but some how I missed him! By the way, don’t mind that guy in the background. He is still excited about his new purchase! What a goof!
We, there it is. The body is now off the frame! Well, it really was not quite that easy. At one point, the frame came up with the body. Don’t think that was supposed to happen. After removing the seatbelt/body cable thing-a-ma-bob (not the technical name) the separation was complete and the tank stick was revealed. Remember I told you that this was an L-88 car. You guessed it, another imposter. It was a 427, 435 Tri-Power less the heads, less the carb, less the …… Well you can figure out the rest.
 Looks like the close ratio Muncie is still the original and matching number as was the bell housing and 4:11 rear end. This was victory 3. But who is counting.
Enie, menie, miney, moo…….. So which block should I use? I was under the impression they were both 427’s. Wrong again. The block in the car was a block that was used in both 396 and 427’s. This one was still a 396 bore, which is still good news. The bad new was I found this out after I had the crank polished. Since the intake and heads were from a 1969 390 HP car, that’s how the car will be built. Besides, I priced the 435 HP parts. I would have had to sell my wife and kids to make it numbers matching! I think I took the most cost-effective option.
Wow, those clothes are ON SALE at 30% off. Sorry, I forgot myself. Here is the manual transmission. They call it a “Rock Crusher.” After opening, cleaning, and inspecting it was found to only need a new seal and gasket. It was in great shape. Victory 4!

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