Richard & Audrey Blackman

A relative newcomer to this game, we have had our vette since June '98. For those who don't know us I am originally from England, UK and my wife Audrey is from right here in Indiana. We met on the Internet, believe it or not, and I moved over here in December '97. One of the other things I fell in love with over here was the Corvette, as soon as we had satisfied the immigration people and I was allowed to get a job, I just had to have one. We looked at several but decided on this 1987 grey coupe with 57,000 miles on the clock. Mechanically, the only real problem so far occurred when we were on our way to the in-laws for a family dinner and the alternator died. The electrical system went down and the car just stopped dead. A bit awkward at the time but soon fixed and she has been running fine since. Cosmetically, she has needed some work. So far I have replaced  a couple of the door seals and some interior bits and pieces that were missing. In 99 I hope to have something professionally done with the paintwork, which although isn't too bad has suffered from being left out in the sun too much and has collected a few scratches.
I only take it out about once a week but really enjoy driving it when I do, and it has given us a lot of pleasure in the outings and the friends we have made though the Corvette Club.

Update: We are now into the year 2000 and looking forward to a new season of events with the club. As I had hoped, I had the vette completely resprayed at the end of last year, too late really for anything much but to be put into storage for the winter. But this year I will be able to show it off at the years main opening event at the Fairoaks Mall, watch out for us :)

Update (2003)
A few more years have passed and we are still here. I must admit that I haven't really done much to the car for the past while, except the regular servicing and cleaning. We are now into our 5th year in the club and still having fun. If you would like to read an amusing story about my car please click here.

Richard & Audrey Blackman
Columbus, IN


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